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Kefentech plaster buy out. "We want to invest in the future of city by creating new technology and a vibrant tech scene," said the mayor, who announced move on his personal Facebook page. In order to build his new technology center, Emanuel also announced an expansion of a program that subsidizes the cost of training tech jobs for city residents. "It's a good day for Chicago," said tech entrepreneur and Craig Mundie, who is co-founder of the digital currency Bitreserve. "Mayor Emanuel and the new mayor are finally realizing the potential in digital currency and how big it can be. The tech community is thrilled to be part of Chicago's future and will see the city grow even more." Emanuel's move comes at a time when other tech leaders have moved to Chicago participate in the city's growing technology scene, including Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff, who opened his $1 billion headquarters in the Loop. "I know of no other city where the people are more passionate about technology and innovation," Emanuel said. "We're going to work together find ways leverage our strengths in tech to tackle the real problems of city." The city has been looking for some time a place to build new technology center. The last major such undertaking, city's TechHive in the West Loop, was shuttered in 2009. On a conference call with reporters on Thursday, Emanuel said one particular area of the city where tech community is lacking in the area of computer science education and mentorship programs. "We're looking to make sure we have great mentorship programs kefentech price in high schools, colleges and business schools," he said. Emanuel said tech companies are already offering scholarships to Chicago residents attend their training programs in other parts of the nation. But, he said, it's important to not limit the opportunity Chicago residents. "We have an obligation to help out, so that's not the issue," he said. The mayor also announced on Thursday that the city will work with local and state government agencies to identify tech companies that online pharmacy buy valium can be acquired to help fund the center. Emanuel said Chicago has more than 70 tech ventures in its pipeline, including several that are set to open soon. Chicago is not the only city in U.S. with a growing tech ecosystem. The region's scene is not only growing but also diversifying. Many cities are using their technology expertise to create innovative economic development strategies. To view the full story on Chicago's New Tech Center, visit ctribune.com. jhilkevitch@chicagotribune.com

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